Aug 29, 2018

FuriousFPV Smart Power Case

Specifications & Features:

- Smart ON/OFF power button

- OLED Display with call sign, time warning, current, voltage, used capacity and temperature

- Configurable low-voltage/overload warning buzzer

- Short Circuit Protection Technology

- Auto Power OFF to protect batteries from under-voltage damage

- Rapidly Attach / Detach System with magnetic system

- Quick release system for DOCK-KING & Tripod

- Ability to directly charge the batteries inside the case via balance Jack (including an adapter for XT60 type chargers) or charge in separate charger.

- Easily & Rapidly battery swap

- Designed for 18650 rechargeable batteries

- Fits Perfectly on FatShark battery strap

- Temperature display

- Designed to work with all types of goggles

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