About us

We are a group of FPV Drone Racing enthusiast promoting this sport in Hong Kong. We organize race, reviewing gears and educating the science and the skill that needed to take part in this exciting new sport.

Our Team

  • Bernard YIu -- Founder and Chairman
  • Charlie Fok -- Co-founder and Vice Chairman
  • Patrick Chan -- Co-founder
  • Kakei Leung -- Co-founder and Track Design Director
  • Titan Chan -- Co-founder and Technical and Training Director
  • Kap Cheung -- Technical and Safety Director
  • Barry Yu -- External relationships and Training Director
  • Roland Bernal -- External relationships and Safety Director
  • Watchmaker Lam -- Technical and Design Director
  • Qoey Chan -- Video Production Committee
  • Kim Tang -- Technical Consultation Committee
  • Wai Szeto -- Organizing Committee
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