• DJI Virtual Flight
    Mar 3, 2021

    Let’s download and test it out. Lol it’s free.

  • Star War feel.
    Feb 26, 2021

    Star War feel.

  • Feb 16, 2021

    年初四巡倉日,八隻DJ I圖傳一齊飛,完全冇問題超清

  • Watch: BMW Made the World’s First Electrified Wingsuit. It Reached 186 MPH on Its First Flight.
    Feb 10, 2021


  • 台北101跨年「穿越煙火視角」! 年輕團隊操刀...捕捉震撼感花火
    Jan 11, 2021

    Nice FPV shooting Taiwan pilots 精彩台灣飛手

  • Poor man  fpv cinelifter
    Jan 6, 2021

    Poor man fpv cinelifter
    flying pizza

    Pizza Hut #fpv #pizzabox

  • China Lied, People Died: Inside China's Death Labs
    Dec 30, 2020


  • Relaxing FPV at beach side 4K
    Dec 28, 2020

    Relaxing FPV at the beachside. Please use YouTube apps to view for higher resolution and frame rate.

  • Dec 17, 2020

    FPV in Pei O

  • DJI FPV combo!
    Dec 3, 2020

    DJI FPV combo!? Rumours? Real? Is this a game changer? Will it RTH when signal is lost? Can we mount a GoPro on it?

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